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But DE(The sunshine)Garden machinery co., LTD

But DE(The sunshine)Garden machinery co., LTD. Is located in rizhao city in shandong province economic and technological development zone,The company was founded in2006Years,Our company's main garden branch grinder、Small branches of the mill、Import branch grinder、Mobile branch grinder、Orchard branch grinder、Trees crusher、Mr Wilder grinder、During the straps、Broken branches machine, etc,Products are exported to all over the world。Company is a wholly foreign owned enterprise,Headquarters and DE garden machinery technical aspects the company is located in the Netherlands Lou,。Shattered/Cutting landscaping garbage will be an important step in the ecological cycle,Crush after crushing machine can be used as a soil improvement or as a natural fertilizer。But the firm was determined to become a green garden concise type broken broken leaf products in the field。To achieve this goal,We need to fully understand customer needs,And turn these requirements in the suitable products。Company research and development and production team is trying hard to achieve this goal, day after day。

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The products of the company
  • WS/23-75DTLarge crusher
    WS/23-75DTLarge crusherWS/23-75DTModels of power and large mill75Keller horsepower diesel engines,Crushing diameter can reach23cm。This crusher is double roller intelligent hydraulic feed,More and more
  • GS/COBRA-75DSLarge crusher
    GS/COBRA-75DSLarge crusherGS/COBRA-75DSLarge crusher adopts patent composite rotor,In the process of blade of cutting and grinding, Rotor high-speed airflow, Make the material as the blade cuttingMore and more
  • The branch shredder
    The branch shredderAt present our country garden department in view of the road、The landscaping pruning branches for slicing and smashing machine most are imported from abroad,Price is quite expensive,Our company through research and development departmentMore and more
  • GTS1300Branch grinder
    GTS1300Branch grinderGTS1300Branch grinder is also called(The trees branch grinder、Sawdust pellet machine、The trees branch grinder),Tree branches crusher is the production of wood powder(The sawdust),Widely used in buildingMore and more
  • Green pruning branches
    Green pruning branchesGreen trimmed the processing,Into the branches of the crusher bucket box,After smashing the chip broken tree from the other end of the machine“Vomit”And out the other。The broken tree after joining starter cultures,After nearly three months of microorganismsMore and more
  • Mobile branch grinder
    Mobile branch grinderBranch grinder is a kind of multi-functional grinder,Can crush materials,Like a bark、Slab、Corn stover、Straw、Corn cob、Plant stem、The vine branches、The waste wood or woodMore and more
  • Trim the branches
    Trim the branchesBranch pruning should master a look、Two cut、Check three principles,Clip before you see the growth of trees、Branches distribution type JiGuan state, etc,Under the perennial branches to consider carefully before you cut。More and more
  • Forest conservation
    Forest conservationIn the aspect of forest conservation machine was broken branches,It help forest maintenance maintenance forest energy saving into at the same time,Recycles waste material recycling。A broken dry or leavesMore and more
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