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The force source of water supply materials
Municipal sewage treatment effect
Steel sewage treatment effect
Sugar industry wastewater treatment
Solar energy waste water treatment
Ceramics factory wastewater treatment effect

4The big reason,Let the force source become your sole supplier of water purification

    For many years focused on water purification materials,To create domestic famous brands focused on the fiele of water purification materials

  • My company owns“Force source”、“Longquan”Two brands,Founded in 1981,2013In the restructuring is a limited liability company,With technology development personnel more than 10 people,Annual production of polyaluminium chloridePACMore than fifty thousand tons,PolyacrylamidePAM10000Tons。

Force source specializing in the production workshop

    The strict perfect quality control system,Let the product quality more stable strict perfect quality control system,make product quality more stable

  • Company technical force is abundant,Sophisticated production equipment,Detection means complete,Strict quality management,Water treatment agent polyaluminium chloride productsPACMeet the national standardsGB15892-2009。

Force source qualification of honor

    Quality guaranteed,High customer satisfaction and retention High quality guaranteed, customer satisfaction and retention

  • The service aim of our company has always is:Good quality,Good credit、Guarantees the product,Agent consignments,Tracking service,We sincerely welcome new and old users presence。Polyaluminium chloridePACThe manufacturer“Force source company”With high qualityPolyaluminium chloridePACThe quality of the product、The preferential benefitPolyaluminium chloridePACThe priceFirst-class product service to repay the majority of users of the power source。

Source to detect water quality for the customer

    Kind of preferential policies,To protect your interests The interests of the kind of preferential policies for you

  • Welcome new and old customers to patronize,Force source water from the perspective of customers,Protect the interests of customers。With good quality/Of products/Finish your demand。A variety of service support and close policy,Help customers choose products,From various aspects,Contracts are enforced、Factory pass rate products meet customer requirements。

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Force source of high quality after-sales service

Engineering cases/   Engineering Case

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  • Takahashi sewage treatment plant biochemical tail water test case
  • Day experiment in papermaking wastewater treatment
  • The scene of the shipment
  • The experiment case paper industry wastewater treatment
  • Dyeing wastewater treatment case presentation
  • Steel mills、Power plant polyacrylamide application example

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Gongyi city force source of water supply materials co., LTD

  Gongyi city force source of water supply materials co., LTDIs the collection research and development、Production、Sales of polyaluminium chloridePAC、Alkali aluminum chloride、PolyacrylamidePAM、Polymeric ferric sulfateSPFSSuch as water treatment materials manufacturers,It happened“Force source”、“Longquan”Brand,2013In the restructuring is a limited liability company,With technology development personnel more than 10 people,In the production of water purification material series products30000Tons。The company is located in gongyi city in henan province industrial demonstration zone。Is located in zhengzhou、Luoyang between south songshan、North of the Yellow River、Close to even huo highway、 310National highway and zheng west high iron, Convenient transportation。   

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How to correctly use of polyaluminium chloride handle printing and dyeing wastewater?
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