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 Is the alluvial gold ore dressing is a mainly producing heavy mining equipment,Collection of scientific research、Production、Sales for the integration of manufacturers。The company is located in weifang city, shandong province。       The company product involves four major areas:Environmental protection field、Mining area、Mineral processing field、The sand area。The main production:Gold mining machinery、Gold mining equipment、Choose gold machinery、Choose gold equipment、Placer gold machinery、Alluvial gold、Placer gold machinery、Placer gold equipment、Sand washing machine、Stone washing machines、Sand separation machinery、Fine sand recycling machine、Dehydration screen、Sand-excavating machinery、Pumping sand machinery、Dredging machinery and other products。        Is a person with bond“Sincerely、The real thing、... ... .

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No floating body in gold mining equipment

  No floating body in gold mining equipment。Mobile equipment has a ski installed base,Can drag at any time。Equipment in the process of production is more easy to move。After the gold mining,You can go to the next place。Used for feeding machine or forklift truck or truck。And then sort and sorting。A mud content...

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